Abstract:  Kon Tum, a mountainous northernmost border province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, is one of the poorest provinces in Vietnam. Many studies recently identified that the diversification of incomes is a critical livelihood strategy for rural households in developing countries. Thus, this study analyzes the factors influencing income diversification decision for off-farm work of rural households. The binary logit model will be employed to investigate the determinants of income diversification decision of rural households for off-farm work. Through 200 households selected using multi-stage sampling technique, this study showed that participation in off-farm employment was influenced by gender, age, education of household head, family size, number of children attending school, farm size, access to credit, and access to tarred roads. The findings suggested that it is important to support both agricultural and non-agricultural sectors to succeed in terms of poverty reduction and food security.

Keywords: income diversification, off-farm work, rural household, poverty,  Kon Tum


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