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Author Guidelines

1           Only scientific papers and research letters that are original contributions and have not been previously published elsewhere, in the area Life Sciences and Agriculture–Biology–Forestry–Aquaculture will be accepted. The Journal also includes general articles or reviews and leading articles in this area that are written at the Editorial Council’s request.

2           Papers must have a maximum length of 10 pages on standard-sized paper (19 cm × 27 cm), be typed using Microsoft Word, with the output character set of Unicode (font Palatino Linotype), font size 10,  margins on all sides of 2 cm, lines spacing of 1.15, 6 points before and 3 points after paragraph spacing. Maths equations should be written using MathType and numbered on the right. Images must be sharp, not larger than 7 cm × 14 cm in the formats of PNG, JPG, or WMF. Figure titles must be under the figure. Table titles must be above the table. Figure numbers and table numbers are printed in bold. A space is left between the numerical value and the unit symbol, except for the unit symbols for degree, minute, and second for plane angles.

3           Authors should provide an abstract and keywords in Vietnamese and English. Abstracts must have no more than 250 words and reflect the main content of the paper. The title of paper, name(s) of author(s), office(s), and abstract in Vietnamese should be placed at the beginning and their English version at the end of the paper. Keywords need to be present in the abstract and consist of 3 to 5 words or phrases.

4           References written in the languages other than Latin should be translated into a Latin one. References should be arranged in the following way:

As for books/theses/proceedings: Order, names of author(s) or issuing agencies, year of publications (in parentheses), titles of books/theses/reports (in italics), publishing house, and place of publications.

As for journals, sections in a book: Order, names of author(s), year of publications (in parentheses), name of articles, name of journals or books (in italics), volume (no separating signs) numbers (in parentheses), and page numbers (en dash between numbers).

Specification for names: Full names for Vietnamese author(s) as a rule; foreign names follow this order: surname, initials for other names with a dot and a space after each. A comma is put between names.

– For references downloaded from the Internet, website address and download time are needed.

5           Citations, numbered in the order of references in the reference list, are put in square brackets and have page numbers when necessary. For example: [1], [10, pp. 21–22].

6           At the end of the paper, there should be full name(s) of author(s), academic title(s), academic degree(s), office(s), address(es), phone number(s), e-mail(s); name(s) of supervisor(s) (if the paper is parts of a thesis or a dissertation), and signature(s) of author(s). The corresponding author should be specified.

7           If LaTex is used, all of the above points should also be followed, and a font suitable with font Palatino Linotype should be chosen. 

8           Papers should be directly submitted onto the Journal’s management system at All papers at Hue University Journal of Science are published electronically and have an online version available on the Journal’s website.

Privacy Statement

In order to carry out its functions as a journal, HUJOS-ARD requires the names and affiliations of authors, along with the email addresses of corresponding authors. This information is used solely for the purposes of enabling authors to be identified as such.

None of your information is ever shared with a third party, or used outside of the aforementioned context.