economic efficiency
rice households towads VietGAP
traditional rice households


Abstract: This study assesses the economic efficiency of rice production of households towards VietGAP in Phong Binh, Phong Dien, Thua Thien Hue. The authors use semi-structured questionnaires to survey 90 rice households (45 households towards VietGAP and 45 conventional households) and hold a focus group discussion to accumulate the data. The results show that households practising VietGAP use only seeds, phosphate, NPK fertilizers as guided by the agricultural co-operatives. In the Winter-Spring crop 2017–2018, these households produce about 6.67 t/ha. The rice production profit of the VietGAP mode is relatively low, about 14,079,320 VND/ha, which is 948,200 VND/ha higher than that of the conventional mode. The profit-cost ratio of rice production with VietGAP is not significantly higher than that with conventional rice production.

Keywords: economic efficiency, rice household, VietGAP, conventional rice production


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