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Author Guidelines

1. Only original research papers and review papers in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which have not been previously published elsewhere or considered by other journals will be accepted. Editorials and letters to editors are also welcomed.

2. Only electronic text (.txt) or Word (.doc, .docx) files can be submitted through the MTS, and there is no page limit. The manuscript (MS) should be written on A4 paper, font Unicode: Palatino Linotype with the margins of 2 cm on each side with the size at 12 points and spacing at 1.5 lines, 6 points before and 0 points after. Use MathType Editor or Word Equation Editor in MS Word to type equations. Each equation should have a number in the parentheses. Use this number to cite the equation in the text. Figures and tables must be clear, fully annotated and compiled with specialized software enabling editing, such as Excel, Origin, statistical soft wares, etc. Format images in PNG, JPG, WMF extensions. The name of the figure is at the bottom, and the name of the table is at the top. The size of the tables and the figures should be composed so that it takes up a half or the whole width of the page. It is possible to type manuscripts of mathematics and theoretical physics in Latex.

3. The manuscript should have an abstract and a list of keywords in Vietnamese and English. Abstracts must have no more than 250 words and reflect the main content of the paper. The title of the paper, name(s) of author(s), office(s), and abstract should be placed at the beginning of the manuscript. Keywords should be specific, consisting of 3 to 5 words or phrases.

4. References are written with the Vancouver style. Cite the references in the order they appear, enclosed in square brackets and before punctuation marks. Use only one pair of brackets. If there are two or more references, use the commas with space. If there are three or more consecutive references, use a dash with no spaces, for example [3], [5, 6], [7, 9, 12], [3–5]. If the manuscript is written in English and the references are other than English, translate the references into English and note the original language, for example (in Vietnamese, in Chinese, in Korean, in German, etc.). Number the list of references in the order that appears in the manuscript. Do not put the numbers in square brackets. For foreign authors, write their surname and the initials for the remaining names, writing consecutively (without periods). Use commas (with spaces) to distinguish the authors. Write the names of all authors of the reference. For Vietnamese authors, write the last name first and the initials for the surname and middle name(s) or write the full name as in the original reference. Format:
– For books, dissertations, reports, and chapters in a book: names of authors, or editors, or the name of issuing agency. Name of book/thesis/report. Place of publication: Publisher; Publishing year. P. or pp. (page number, or page range). For example,

(Book) Hoppert M. Microscopic techniques in biotechnology. Weinheim (Germany): Wiley-VCH; 2003.

(Chapter in an edited book) Ford HL, Sclafani RA, Degregori J. Cell cycle regulatory cascades. In: Stein GS, Pardee AB, editors. Cell cycle and growth control: biomolecular regulation and cancer. 2nd ed. Hoboken (NJ): Wiley-Liss; 2004. p. 42–67.

– For articles in printed journals: Names of author(s). Name of the article. Journal name. Year of publication;volume(issue):pages. For example,

Geck MJ, Yoo S, Wang JC. Assessment of cervical ligamentous injury in trauma patients using MRI. J Spinal Disord. 2001;14(5):371–7. doi: 10.xxxxxx

Xuan PTT, Dung LTT, Nam NP, Ngoan VTP. Fabrication of nanoscale material by sonochemical method. Hue J Sci: Nat Sci. 2019;128(1A):12–4. doi: 10.xxxxxx

– For articles in online journals: Names of author(s). Name of the article. Journal name [Internet]. Year of publication [cited year month day]. Available from: http: // xxxx. For example,

Allen C, Crake D, Wilson H, Buchholz A. Polycystic ovary syndrome and a low glycemic index diet. Can J Diet Pract Res [Internet]. 2005 [cited 2005 Jun 30]. Available from:

5. At the end of the paper, there should be full name(s) of author(s), academic title(s), academic degree(s), affiliation, phone number, e-mail; and name(s) of supervisor(s) (if the principal author is a Ph.D. candidate, a master candidate or a student). Indicate the corresponding author.

6. If Latex is used, all the above points should also be followed and a font similar to font Palatino Linotype should be used.

7. Manuscripts should be directly submitted to the Journal’s management system at All papers at Hue University Journal of Science are published electronically and have an online version available on the Journal’s website.

8. The detailed format of the article (in Word and Latex) is available on the Journal Management System, website: Guide for authors.


Author Fees

This journal charges the following author fees.

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