Optimality conditions for non-Lipschitz vector problems with inclusion constraints


non-Lipschitz vector problem
inclusion constraint
optimality condition

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Tinh PN. Optimality conditions for non-Lipschitz vector problems with inclusion constraints. HueUni-JNS [Internet]. 2019Nov.11 [cited 2020Oct.30];128(1D):5-15. Available from: http://jos.hueuni.edu.vn/index.php/HUJOS-NS/article/view/5276


We use the concept of approximation introduced by D.T. Luc et al. [1] as a generalized derivative for non-Lipschitz vector functions to consider vector problems with non-Lipschitz data under inclusion constraints. Some calculus of approximations are presented. A necessary optimality condition, a type of KKT condition, for local efficient solutions of the problems is established under an assumption on regularity. Applications and numerical examples are also given.


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