Spin observables of (d,p) reactions off $^{12}$C within the Paris potential


(d, p) reactions
Faddeev-AGS equations
Paris potential

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Nhan Hao TV, Pham VNT, Nguyen HK. Spin observables of (d,p) reactions off $^{12}$C within the Paris potential. HueUni-JNS [Internet]. 2019Nov.11 [cited 2020Oct.30];128(1D):39-42. Available from: http://jos.hueuni.edu.vn/index.php/HUJOS-NS/article/view/5489


Deuteron elastic scattering off 12C is described in the framework of three-body Faddeev-type equations. Analyzing powers are calculated using the PEST16 potential, which is a separable rank-one representation of the Paris potential. Satisfactory agreement with the experimental data is found within the PEST16 potential.



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