Children, participation, public construction, services Dịch vụ công cộng, đầu tư công trình, quyền tham gia, trẻ em


Children participation in socio-economic planning generally and public construction and service investment has been considered as a measure to improve the effectivness of those programs and children rights improvement. The study is to identify the status quo of children participation in public construction and service investment, which then can provide the measures to improve the practice of this child right. The study applied a mixed method approach by various tools for data collection such as key informant interview, group discussion, and survey. The result indicated that although the local officals have acquired the certain knowledge and recognization on child engagement in public construction and service investment, the practice of this child right in such activities is limited due to the lack of information, knowledge, and relevant skills in child participation. The study also provides recommendation and measures to improve children participation in public construction and service investment.


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