Generation of plasmon-polaritons in epsilon-near-zero polaritonic metamaterial


polaritonic metamaterials
epsilon-near-zero metamaterials
cylindrical composite mediums
optical nonlocality

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Anh NPQ. Generation of plasmon-polaritons in epsilon-near-zero polaritonic metamaterial. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2021Jun.29 [cited 2021Sep.24];130(1B):35-41. Available from:


In this paper, we study some non-classical properties and propose the generation schemes of the superposition of multiple-photon-added two-mode squeezed vacuum state (SMPA-TMSVS). Based on the   Wigner function, we clarify that this state is a non-Gaussian state, while the original two-mode squeezed vacuum state (TMSVS) is a Gaussian state. Besides, the SMPA-TMSVS is sum squeezing, as well as difference squeezing. In particular, the manifestation of the sum squeezing and the difference squeezing in the SMPA-TMSVS becomes more pronounced when increasing parameters r and e. In addition, by exploiting the schemes of photon-added superposition in the usual order, we give some schemes that the SMPA-TMSVS can be generated with the higher-order photon-added superposition by using some optical devices.


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