Usability of granulated blast furnace slag - sand mixture for marine constructions


This paper presents - mechanical properties (including grain-size distribution, density, maximum and minimum void ratio, permeability coefficient, standard compaction, and unconfined compressive strength) of the mixture of granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) and river  bed sand for marine constructions. Sand content from 20% to 60% was used to degisn mixtures for this research. The results have shown that the unconfined compressive strength (qu) of samples with 50% - 60% of GBFS content increased over time due to hydration characteristics in humid environment/condition. At 280 days of hydration time,  the maximum value of qu reacheds 824,341 kN/m2 and the permeability coefficient (k) ranged from 10-3 m/s to 10-4 m/s. Results from this paper  would be beneficial in using GBFS as a partiatly alternative material to original sand for marine constructions.
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