Spectroscopic characteristics of Ca2Al2SiO7 phosphors co-doped with Ce3+ and Sm3+
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ion đất hiếm
truyền năng lượng rare earth ion
energy transfer

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Tiến Đỗ T, Nguyễn MS, Trần TT. Spectroscopic characteristics of Ca2Al2SiO7 phosphors co-doped with Ce3+ and Sm3+. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2022Mar.31 [cited 2022Aug.14];131(1A):51-5. Available from: https://jos.hueuni.edu.vn/index.php/hujos-ns/article/view/6312


Luminescent materials Ca2Al2SiO7 co-doped with Ce3+ and Sm3+ were prepared with the solid-state reaction method. The XRD diffraction patterns show that the samples have a single tetragonal phase structure. The luminescent spectra of Ca2Al2SiO7: Ce3+,Sm3+ phosphor have a broad band with a peak at 420 nm, characterizing the transition of the electronic configuration of Ce3+ ion and narrow lines peaked at about 563, 602, 645, and 712 nm, representing the transition of the Sm3+ ion. The energy transfer from Ce3+ to Sm3+ was presented and discussed.

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