Synthesis of nano LaFeO3 material with hydrothermal method and applications
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vật liệu nano
phương pháp thủy nhiệt nanomaterial
hydrolyzed thermally

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Võ VT, Nguyễn TL. Synthesis of nano LaFeO3 material with hydrothermal method and applications. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2022Mar.31 [cited 2023Jun.3];131(1A):85-93. Available from:


The starting chemicals La(NO3)3 and Fe(NO3)3 (1:1, mol/mol), ethanol, and isopropanol were hydrolyzed thermally at 150 °C for 80 minutes, followed by the calcination at 800 °C for two hours. The obtained nanomaterial was characterized by using TG analysis, X-ray diffraction, EDS spectra, IR spectra, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The nanomaterial exhibits a single phase LaFeO3, piece type with an average size of 30–50 nm. The catalytic activity of the nanomaterial for methylene blue (MB) degradation under sunlight after 75 minutes is 86.5%. The material can adsorb Cr(VI) at pH 6.3 with an efficiency of 57.7%.
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