Non-classical properties of photon-added-and-subtracted two-mode pair coherent state
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Trạng thái kết hợp cặp
trạng thái kết hợp cặp thêm và bớt photon hai mode
tính chất nén tổng hai mode
tính chất nén hiệu hai mode
tính chất phản kết chùm hai mode bậc cao Pair coherent state
photon-added-and-subtracted two modes pair coherent state
two-mode sum squeezing
two-mode difference squeezing
higher-order two-mode antibunching

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Hồ SC, Hồ NT, Trương M Đức. Non-classical properties of photon-added-and-subtracted two-mode pair coherent state. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2022Mar.31 [cited 2022Aug.14];131(1A):75-83. Available from:


In this paper, we study the non-classical properties such as two-mode sum squeezing, two-mode difference squeezing, and higher-order two-mode antibunching properties of the photon-added-and-subtracted two-mode pair coherent state (PAASTMPCS). The results in the squeezing property show that the PAASTMPCS has two-mode sum squeezing but no two-mode difference squeezing. The two-mode sum squeezing of the PAASTMPCS always appears when adding and subtracting photons to two modes of a pair coherent state (PCS). Furthermore, the PAASTMPCS has higher-order two-mode antibunching in any order, and this property is enhanced when photons are simultaneously added and subtracted to two modes of the PCS. Thereby, the role of the photon addition and the photon subtraction has been confirmed by enhancing the non-classical properties of the PAASTMPCS.
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