Depth-dose distribution in potatoes with low-energy X-rays


depth dose distribution
Gafchromic film dosimeter
low energy X-rays

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Nguyen TNH, Tamikazu K, Nguyen AS, Nguyen TMS, Pham TNH, Nguyen DH, Cao VH, Nguyen QK, Nguyen HD, Do TL. Depth-dose distribution in potatoes with low-energy X-rays. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2022Jun.30 [cited 2024Jul.12];131(1B):73-9. Available from:


Irradiation is known as a handful measure to inhibit potato sprouting, kill harmful bacteria, and increase preservation. The absorbed dose is one of the essential characteristics of the irradiation process. In this study, the depth-dose distributions in potatoes and polymethyl methacrylate were investigated under low-energy X-ray irradiation by using the Fricke dosimeter and Gafchromic film dosimeter. The dose rates required for the rays to penetrate in polymethyl methacrylate were compared with those in potatoes. Polymethyl methacrylate could be used as a phantom in measuring the depth dose delivered in potatoes. The difference in depth-dose distribution in potatoes between one-sided and double-sided irradiation was also investigated. The calculated dose uniformity ratio values are 5.8 and 1.9 for potatoes irradiating one-sided and double-sided.


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