Energy-transfer phenomenon and color-tunable properties of Ca2Al2SiO7: Dy3+/Eu3+ phosphors


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Tien DT, Son NM, Nhat ND, Tuyen HV, Ngoc LXD, Toan TQ. Energy-transfer phenomenon and color-tunable properties of Ca2Al2SiO7: Dy3+/Eu3+ phosphors. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2023Jun.30 [cited 2024Feb.26];132(1B):93-100. Available from:


Ca2Al2SiO7 (CAS) doped with Eu3+ and Dy3+ was successfully synthesised with the solid-phase reaction method, in which the sample was sintered at 1,280 °C for one hour. The energy-transfer phenomenon from Dy3+ to Eu3+ was observed in the CAS matrix. The optimal doping concentration of Dy3+ and Eu3+ is 1.5 and 1% mol. In addition, the energy-transfer mechanism, CIE colour coordinate, and CCT colour temperature of CAS/Dy3+/Eu3+ were also presented and discussed.


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