Magneto-optical absorption properties of a Weyl semimetal thin film


Weyl semimetals thin film
Magneto- optical absorption coefficients

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Le TH, Le TTP, Huynh VP. Magneto-optical absorption properties of a Weyl semimetal thin film. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2024Jun.27 [cited 2024Jul.12];133(1B):63-9. Available from:


In this study, we investigate the magneto-optical absorption properties of a Weyl semimetal thin film by calculating the magneto-optical absorption coefficients (MOACs) for both intra-band and inter-band transitions. The wave function and energy spectrum were determined using the Hamiltonian minimal model in the presence of magnetic and electric fields. The expressions for the MOACs in both x- and z-directions are obtained using the compact density matrix approach. The numerical results demonstrate that the MOACs are significantly influenced by temperature, carrier concentration, and magnetic and electric fields.


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