Conductive film from silver nanowires prepared with polyol method
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màng dẫn composite
nano bạc dây
phương pháp polyol
AgNW film. conductive film
conductive solution
silver nanowire
polyol method

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Anh Đỗ P, Tuyết NT Ánh, Thông NV, Thịnh NV, Ơn Đỗ V, Tùng VT, Chương TV. Conductive film from silver nanowires prepared with polyol method. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2021Mar.10 [cited 2021Apr.21];130(1A):125-31. Available from:


In this paper, silver nanowires were prepared with the polyol method under ultrasonication. The optimal concentration of polyvinyl pyrrolidone in the reaction mixture was also determined. These nanowires were characterized with the XRD, SEM, and UV-Vis techniques. The conductive solution possesses a low resistance, good adhesion, high flexibility, and thermal stability. The solution was utilized to fabricate a conductive film, which might open up new technology applications.
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