Inhibition of cell proliferation and enhancement of apoptosis of liver and breast cancer cells by methanol extract of Heliciopsis lobata leaves
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Heliciopsis lobata
tăng sinh tế bào
ung thư gan
ung thư vú cell proliferation
liver cancer
breast cancer

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Hùng NP, Quỳnh PT, Hương NH, Hương VTN, Hà NT, Hương NT, Hương LTT. Inhibition of cell proliferation and enhancement of apoptosis of liver and breast cancer cells by methanol extract of Heliciopsis lobata leaves. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2021Mar.10 [cited 2021Apr.21];130(1A):51-9. Available from:


Heliciopsis lobata is effective in the treatment of diseases and is used in the traditional medicine of ethnic minorities. In this study, the methanol extract of the leaves of Heliciopsis lobata is used to assess its ability to inhibit cell growth of breast and liver cancer cells by using the MTT assay, cell morphology, and apoptotic morphology by DAPI staining. The results show that this extract inhibits the proliferation of HepG2 and MCF7 cell lines with IC50 values ​​of 0.084 mg/mL and 0.812 mg/mL, respectively. The extract induces apoptosis in HepG2 cells more strongly than in MCF7 cells; and therefore, it is potential to inhibit the proliferation of liver cancer cells.
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