Synthesis and catalytic performance of gadolinium hydroxide nanorods in Congo red decomposition with UV/H2O2/Gd(OH)3 system
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thanh nano
oxy hóa khử nâng cao
Congo đỏ Gd(OH)3
Advanced oxidation
Congo Red

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Trinh LH, Hoà TT, Cường N Đức. Synthesis and catalytic performance of gadolinium hydroxide nanorods in Congo red decomposition with UV/H2O2/Gd(OH)3 system. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2021Mar.10 [cited 2021Apr.21];130(1A):5-12. Available from:


In this study, nano Gd(OH)3 was synthesized with the polyol method with gadolinium chloride hydrate (GdCl3·xH2O) and sodium hydroxide as precursors, and triethylene glycol (C6H14O4) as a surfactant. The material was characterized with XRD, SEM, TEM, TG-DTA, EDX techniques. Gd(OH)3 has the form of pure nanorods with a uniform size of 20 × 200 nm. The material was utilized as a catalyst in the advanced photochemical decomposition of red Congo as the UV/Gd(OH)3 and UV/H2O2/Gd(OH)3 system.
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