Automorphism invariant modules on the right Goldie ring
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automorphism invariant modules
right Goldie ring
nonsingular Môđun nội xạ
môđun bất biến đẳng cấu
vành Goldie phải
môđun không suy biến
vành tổng quát hóa của chuỗi tổng quát

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Lê VT, Trang Đào T, Trương CQ. Automorphism invariant modules on the right Goldie ring. hueuni-jns [Internet]. 2022Mar.31 [cited 2022Oct.6];131(1A):95-100. Available from:


In this paper, we study some properties of automorphism invariant modules on the right Goldie ring and state some properties related to this class of modules. In addition, we confirmed some problems related to the nonsingular automorphism invariant ring.
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