Hue University Journal of Science: Social Sciences and Humanities

Current Issue

Vol. 129 No. 6D (2020)
Published July 16, 2020
Khoa học Xã hội Nhân văn tiếng Việt

Hue University Journal of Science: Journal of Social Science and Humanities (JOS-JSSH) is a journal of high national reputation. JOS-JSSH is a peer-reviewed and refereed journal. The main objective of JSSH is to provide an intellectual platform for the national and international scholars, researchers, graduates and students. JOS-JSSH aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in social science and humanities, and become the leading journal in social science and humanities in the region and the world. The journal publishes research papers in the fields of humanities and social science such as Literature, Education, Cross-cultural studies, Geography, History, International relations, Law, Linguistics, Methodology, Philosophy, Political science, Psychology, Sociology, Tourism, Arts… and so on.


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