Vol. 132 No. 1D (2023): Hue University Journal of Science: Natural Science
Hue University Journal of Science: Natural Science

ISSN (Print) 1859-1388 | ISSN (Online) 2615-9678 | DOI: 10.26459

Hue University Journal of Science: Natural Science (HUJOS: Natural Science) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal published by Hue University, Vietnam. The Journal caters for multidisciplinary interests and is to disseminate the newest high-quality research results in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The Journal is devoted to the publication of contributions of theoretical, experimental, and applied research on the above disciplines. The papers accepted for publication are double-blind refereed to ensure academic integrity and disseminated promptly through a programme of continuous online publication.

As well as original research, HUJOS: Natural Science also publishes review papers about the state-of-the-art, emerging trends, and future directions of each field, editorials, and letters to editors. The Journal welcomes contributions from academics, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students, fellows, and associates pursuing research in Vietnam and all over the world.

Original Article

Nguyen Tran Trung, Tran Quoc Dung, Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy*
Prevalence and structural protein encoding gene sequence (VP) of porcine parvovirus 2 (PPV2) in slaughtered pigs in Central provinces of Vietnam
Thu Huong Nguyen, Nguyen Vinh Phu, Le Thi Hoa*, Thai Hoa Tran
Green synthesis of silver nanomaterials using Ganoderma Lucidum extract as reducing agent and stabilizer with ultrasonic assistance and application as an antibacterial agent
Nguyen Trung Thanh*
Aging of Environmentally Friendly Alkyd Coating Containing Tinuvin 292 under Effect of UV Radiation
Le Tran Uyen Tu*
Effects of Sb on structure, micro structure and electrical characteristics of Sb-modified (K0.41Na0.59)NbO3 ceramics
Ho Thi Xuan Tuy, Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc, Le Cong Tuan, Nguyen Van Phu*
Isolation and identification of yeasts from local fruits in Thua Thien Hue province, Vietnam
Tran Quy Phuong, Ho Van Minh Hai, Tran Thai Hoa, Nguyen Duc Cuong*
Facile synthesis of 3D Fe2O3 nanostructures: sponge-like cube shape and bird nest-like architecture
Le Trung Hieu*, Le Lam Son, Nguyen Dang Giang Chau, Nguyen Minh Nhung, Tran Thanh Minh, Ho Xuan Anh Vu, Le Thuy Trang; Nguyen Viet Thang; Nguyen Quang Man, Tran Thi Van Thi
Polysaccharide extraction from Myxopyrum smilacifolium trunk and its antioxidant capacity
Nguyen Hoang Tue, Nguyen Ngoc Luong, Nguyen Quang Duc Tien*
Cloning an RBD-T4-LINKER-C5a sequence encoding the SARS-CoV-2 antigen into a plant expression vector
Nguyen Xuan Loc*, Do Thi My Phuong
Studies on semi-cylindrical solar tunnel dryer for drying wastewater sludge
K. Mizuyama*, T. Dieu Thuy, D. Quang Tam
Jost function formalism with complex potential
Thanh Q. Bui, Nguyen Vinh Phu, Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai, Phan Tu Quy, Nguyen Thi Ai Nhung*
In silico extension on the antidiabetic potential of Euonymus laxiflorus natural compounds onto the inhibitability against protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B